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Paul Travis

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Paul Owen Travis.
« on: November 16, 2011, 10:43:09 am »
General Info :

Character Name : Paul Owen Travis
Age: 14
House preference: Slytherin
Birthday : 25 November

Past :

Family : Paul has been raised by his Grandfather Terry Travis. He doesn't know any other family member.
Life Story :

Thus Paul grew up in his Grandfather's house. He wasn't unhappy, but he also dreamed having parents. His Grandfather's house was nothing more than a Kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and bedroom. Paul hated sharing a bedroom with his Grandfather, because he always makes noises when he sleeps.
His Grandfather never told him anything about Paul's parents. He said he just didn't had them, but he was sad about the fact he didn't have any, and all of his friends did. This was maybe the reason why Paul didn't search contact with anybody, he had his own plans and things to do, and others just mustn't bother him. He had a talent for managing things on his own, a talent which will become very helpful later on.

Paul's Grandfather was a great wizard, he always taught him the newest tricks 'n stuff. Paul used it wisely, till he received an invitation letter from Hogwarts. The sorting hat immediately sorted him into the Slytherin house. He wasn't unhappy with the sorting hat's choice. On hogwarts, he discovered a talent in Potions, and Flying Lessons. Paul loved flying around the castle when he had an hour or two, he liked to see everything on Hogwarts, and most of all he enjoyed the peace in the nights ; not having to hear Grandpa's noises.

Muggle-borns/Halfblood/Fullblood : Fullblood
Appearance : A sly looking little wizard, black hear and green eyes, dressed in green robes matching his house.
Wand : 11,2 inches, Oak, Unicornhair heart.
Pet : He has a Rat he uses to steal stuff called Vlad

Characteristics :

Positive Characteristics :

- Charming
- Persistent

Negative Characterstics :

- Manipulatif
- Sly
- Dry and sometimes a bit mean

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Re: Paul Owen Travis.
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