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Welcome !
« on: August 31, 2011, 07:09:02 am »
Prof. Icewind cleared his throat and looked at the four house tables with a smile. He liked it when new, enthousiast pupils came to Hogwarts for a new schoolyear. He looked to his fellow colleagues, smiled, took his Wand and pointed it at his throat, then said 'Sonorus !'. All the students stopped speaking. Professor Icewind looked with a smile to everybody from his chair and starts : ''Welcome fellow pupils, to the beginning of another Schoolyear on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ! I hope that this year, the staff will be able to teach you new things about magic, thereby I present you a new House Head for Ravenclaw and Transfiguration teacher, please have her welcome, Nikita Autumn ! Also, for a good beginning of this year, I give ten points to every house !'' Professor Icewind stopped speaking, and watched how the pupils react, then he continued ''Oh yes right, I'm not going to annoy you more with my boring speech, so Bon appétit !''

When Professor Icewind finished speaking, he clapped once in his hands, and all sorts of food appeared on the table : Cooked porkchop, Chickenlegs, Patties etc...
He always enjoyed the meal, and he got into a discussion with his staff about what pupils should learn in different years. ''No no no, that's not O.W.L. that's N.E.W.T !'' he said to the Charms teacher. Problem was, everybody could hear him, the Sonorus charm still worked. So a bit humiliated he pointed his want to his gorge again and whispered 'Quietus !'. Finally when he had eaten enough, he said to everyone that he'd be sleeping...

OOC : 10 House Points for every House !
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Re: Welcome !
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2011, 08:04:47 am »
Nikita was sitting at the Great Hall at the table in front of the tables of the four houses. She was so proud she could finally sit at this table. She remembered when she first entered the Great Hall for the first time as a first year student. The moment that she got sorted by the sorting hat, was just terrifying. So so badly wanted to come in Ravenclaw. After a few seconds the sorting head finally shouted that beautiful word: "RAVENCLAW!" And now she was sitting right here, as headmaster of Ravenclaw and Tranfiguration teacher.

When Professor Icewind introduced her, she stood up and bowed in front of the students. It was such an honour. She sat down on her chair again, and when Professor Icewind clapped his hand, there was a lot of different kind of food in front of her. "Hmmmm chicken! That's what I want!" is what she thought. She grabbed a chicken wing and enjoyed it. When she had eaten enough, she stood up and went to her office.